4th International Conference C2SI-2023 on

Codes, Cryptology and Information Security

In honor of Pr. Jean-Louis LANET

Faculty of Sciences, Rabat - Morocco

May 29-31, 2023

Accepted papers

    Invited Papers

  1. Yvo Desmedt Cryptologists should not ignore the history of Al-Andalusia
  2. Loïc Bidoux and Philippe Gaborit Compact Post-Quantum Signatures from Proofs of Knowledge leveraging Structure for the PKP, SD and RSD Problems
  3. David Naccache and Ofer Yifrach-Stav On Catalan Constant Continued Fractions
  4. Cryptography

  5. Callum McLoughlin, Clementine Gritti and Juliet Samandari Full Post-Quantum Datagram TLS Handshake in the Internet of Things
  6. Ousmane Ndiaye Moderate Classical McEliece keys from quasi-Centrosymmetric Goppa codes
  7. Jannis Leuther and Stefan Lucks QCB is Blindly Unforgeable
  8. Ruize Wang and Elena Dubrova A Side-Channel Secret Key Recovery Attack on CRYSTALS-Kyber Using k Chosen Ciphertexts
  9. Hussain Ahmad and Carolin Hannusch A new keyed hash function based on latin squares and error-correcting codes to authenticate users in smart home environments
  10. Theo Fanuela Prabowo and Chik How Tan Attack on a Code-based Signature Scheme from QC-LDPC Codes
  11. Vikas Kumar, Bimal Mandal, Aditi Gangopadhyay and Sugata Gangopadhyay Computational results on Gowers U2 and U3 norms of known S-Boxes
  12. Artem Grigir, Vincenzo Iovino and Răzvan Roşie Multi-Input Non-Interactive Functional Encryption: Constructions and Applications
  13. Sayantan Paul, Abishanka Saha and Mridul Nandi Indifferentiability of the Confusion-Diffusion Network and the Cascade Block Cipher
  14. Maya Chartouny, Jacques Patarin and Ambre Toulemonde Quantum Cryptanalysis of $5$ rounds Feistel schemes and Benes schemes
  15. Yuta Maeno, Hideaki Miyaji and Atsuko Miyaji Lattice-based accumulator with constant time list update and constant time verification
  16. Information Security

  17. Ngoc Minh Phung and Mamoru Mimura Malicious JavaScript detection based on AST analysis and key feature re-sampling in Realistic Environment
  18. Diana Maimut, Evgnosia-Alexandra Kelesidis and Ilona Teodora Ciocan Searching for Gemstones: Flawed Stegosystems May Hide Promissing Ideas
  19. Binh Le Thanh Thai and Hidema Tanaka A Study for Security of Visual Cryptography
  20. Nadir Sahllal and El Mamoun Souidi Forecasting Click Fraud via Machine Learning Algorithms
  21. Hind Idrissi and Mohammed Ennahbaoui An Enhanced Anonymous ECC-based Authentication for Lightweight Application in TMIS
  22. Discrete Mathematics

  23. Vladimir Edemskiy and Sofia Koltsova Symmetric 4-adic complexity of quaternary sequences with period $2p^n$
  24. Agnese Gini and Pierrick Méaux Weightwise perfectly balanced functions and nonlinearity
  25. Bastien Pacifico and Stéphane Ballet Chudnovsky-type algorithms over the projective line using generalized evaluation maps
  26. Error Coding Theory

  27. Tomohiro Sekiguchi and Hidema Tanaka Security enhancement method using shortened error correcting codes
  28. Nuh Aydin, Yiyang Lu and Vishad Onta An Updated Database of Z4 Codes and an Open Problem about Quasi-Cyclic Codes